Hello! I'm cinamoncune!
I love to create gaming, anime, and little funny creatures-related art. I also enjoy drawing comics and colourful yummy works. Thank you for looking!

My goal is to draw and make cute things that look like you can take a bite out of.

Katsucon 2023
Anime North 2022, 2024
Momocon 2020 - 2023
Yeticon 2023 - 2024
Otakuthon 2023
Animethon 2023 - 2024
Otafest 2022 - 2024
FanExpo Canada 2016 - 2019
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2020, 2022


1) Artist reserves the right to use art for self-promotion unless client chooses the option to be a 'private commission'.2) All rights not expressly granted remain property of the artist.3) Client may not edit, correct, adapt, modify or change the finished artwork in any way without permission from the artist.4) Permission granted for client to post finished work on websites with sourcing included.5) All sketches/W.I.Ps remain property of the artist.6) Client will indemnify and hold artist harmless against any claim arising from artist's reliance upon reference material provided to the artist by the client.7) Any drama or scandal arising from artwork will not affect the artist, but is the client's responsibility.8) For commercial work, all rights of only the FINAL product are given to the client for merchandise / commercial production (refer to term #5 for sketches/W.I.Ps).


1) NSFW (pin-ups are okay)
2) Most fetishes
3) Tracing/ mimicking someone else's style
4) anything related to satanism/occultism
5) Anything in relation to A.I.
My discretion to refuse anything that I deem inappropriate


1) PAYPAL / CARD ONLY2) Payment in United States Dollar only3) FOR NON-KOFI COMMISSIONS: Payment must be done upfront or in a 50% deposit and 50% after the first W.I.P. is shown (only applies for purchases over $100)4) No refunds after completion of commission5) If a request for cancellation, only the portion unfinished will be refunded.6) No cancellation fee if artist has not started the commission.7) Each commission allows 2 changes. Anymore than that would result in a +10% fee per change during sketch / inking stage. +20% per change during colouring/completion stage.8) FOR NON-KOFI COMMISSIONS: If payment is not received within 2 weeks after invoice is sent, the commission will be cancelled.9) No more than 3 links for references + maximum of 140 words for descriptions of any kind. Image reference are a must, no paragraphs or description.10) FOR NON-KOFI COMMISSIONS: Invoice may be requested but is only available through paypal